Hunter Biden Found Guilty on 3 Gun Felony Charges

( – In the fall of 2023, a Delaware grand jury indicted the president’s son, Hunter Biden, on three felony gun charges. Mr. Biden purchased a handgun in 2018 while addicted to drugs. While filling out a form to purchase the weapon, he checked a box indicating he was not a drug addict, breaking the law. The trial recently concluded, and the jury reached a verdict.

On June 11, the 12-person jury of Hunter Biden’s peers found him guilty on all three federal charges — two for making a false statement about his drug usage at the time and one for possessing the gun unlawfully. After hearing evidence from the prosecution, which included testimony from his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, and daughter, the jury only needed to deliberate for a few short hours before reaching their verdict. Mr. Biden was accompanied by his wife when the jury read its decision.

Hunter Biden’s conviction refuted former President Donald Trump and other GOP members’ claims that the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden is weaponized. The US leader could’ve ended the investigation and pardoned his son anytime he wished — he did not. Instead, he let the legal system play out as intended in the United States as a separate segment of government outside the executive branch.

President Biden previously stated and reiterated after the verdict that he would respect the jury’s decision and not issue a pardon for Hunter Biden. The US leader said he and his wife love their son, are “proud of the man he is today,” and will continue to stand by him.

The president’s son also spoke out after the verdict, stating he appreciated the love and support shown by his family and friends and was “blessed” to be in recovery. However, he did admit he was “disappointed” about the conviction. Mr. Biden didn’t indicate if he plans to appeal. His sentencing date has not been set.

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