Hungary Votes in Favor of Sweden NATO Membership

Hungary Votes in Favor of Sweden NATO Membership

( – In 1949, 12 countries got together and created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to ensure lasting people across Europe and North America. Since then, 19 other nations have joined the coalition — Finland being the newest in April 2023. Now, another European country is on the cusp of adding its flag to the growing organization.

On February 27, The Washington Post reported that Sweden cleared the final hurdle to become a member of NATO. Hungary’s parliament finally voted to approve the addition after nearly two years of balking at the idea. NATO officials stated the formalities to make Sweden a full-fledged member could happen as soon as March 1.

Both Finland and Sweden turned to the organization after Russia invaded Ukraine, seeking the protection of the alliance and asking to become members. Finland shares its entire eastern border with Russia, leaving the country possibly vulnerable if Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to advance beyond Ukraine.

Although Sweden shares no such border, the country sits next to Finland, making it potentially vulnerable as well. Norway, next to Sweden in the Baltics, is already a member of NATO. Once Sweden is officially in the alliance, the entire region will be covered by the organization’s protection and promise of peace.

According to the Washington Post, Sweden’s membership was delayed by not only Hungary but Turkey as well. The Turkish president demanded the country do more to address terrorists in its nation. After some moves by Sweden and help from the Biden administration, Turkey agreed to the country’s membership. Hungary’s issue stemmed from alleged comments made by Sweden about Hungary’s democracy.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an X post that the addition of Sweden will “make us all stronger and safer.” Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson called it a “historic” day, stating his country is “ready to shoulder” its new responsibility. Sweden’s membership will bring NATO’s total nations to 32.

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