Hundreds of Seattle Police Officers Quit

Hundreds of Seattle Police Officers Quit

( – The last 11 months have taken a toll on the nation’s law enforcement officials and agencies. Antifa members and Black Lives Matter activists staged so-called “peaceful” protests from coast to coast. Many of them turned violent, and police officers and precinct houses became targets in many cities. The rising violence, coupled with calls to “defund the police,” has really had an impact on police officials.

On Wednesday, April 28, the Associated Press reported that 246 police officers had retired or resigned over the past 12 months in Seattle, Washington. Police officers reportedly left the force due to the anti-police atmosphere permeating the city, recent changes in City Council oversight, and disagreements with police department leadership.

Police Chief Adrian Diaz told reporters that police department staffing sits at “record lows” in the wake of the loss of 180 officers last year and nearly 70 so far in 2021. Anti-police activists have applauded the departures and call for additional cuts in the number of active-duty officers.

Unfortunately, massive reductions in the number of uniformed officers could lead to a spike in crime. Former Las Vegas policeman Randy Sutton recently told Fox News that “a public safety crisis” is about to hit the nation. For the sake of Seattle residents, let us hope he is wrong.

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