Hundreds Of Chinese Migrants Being Encountered Weekly at the Nation’s Southern Border

( – Issues at the southern border have been a hot topic in Congress, Texas, and around the country. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data shows that over 1.3 million encounters at the southwest land border during the current fiscal year — October 2023 through the end of March, so far. A recent exclusive from Breitbart alleges that some of those encounters were with Chinese migrants.

On April 21, Breitbart reported it received an unofficial report from CBP showing that almost 700 migrants from China were stopped from entering the country near San Diego during the third week of April. According to the document, over 26,000 migrants from China have been apprehended so far this fiscal year. An unnamed source from the border patrol told the news outlet that the number was over three times higher than the previous fiscal year. The person said the jump made China one of the top 10 nationalities encountered at the US border.

According to the CBP source, many of the migrants were released into the United States because China wouldn’t take them back. So, unless there is something glaringly wrong with the Chinese migrants, CBP is processing them and releasing them into the country. Border Patrol is reportedly unsure about why there is an uptick in Chinese migrants or their purpose of traveling to cross the border into America. The source indicated that the CBP isn’t sure who is friendly and who is not, stating that fact is the biggest threat to national security. In the same breath, the source told Breitbart that the border patrol doesn’t want to “cast aspersions on all the people of China.”

Retired Army Colonel Dr. Kenneth Allard told the news outlet that while most of the Chinese migrants are likely attempting to escape poor conditions in their home country, some may be trying to “capitalize” on the “weakness” at the southern border.

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