House Issues Subpoenas in Biden Case

House Issues Subpoenas in Biden Case

( – Republicans in the House of Representatives began an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden while House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was leading the chamber. The investigation was put on pause when the California legislator was ousted from his position, and the quest for a new leader began. Now that the House finally has a new speaker, the Lower Chamber has re-started its inquiry.

On November 8, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) issued subpoenas to members of the president’s family — his brother, James Biden, and son, Hunter Biden. In addition, Comer issued a subpoena to a family associate, Rob Walker. The legislator said the committee had “followed the money” and believed it found evidence of the president’s involvement in “influence peddling schemes.” As such, he was bringing in the First Son and First Brother for questioning.

The next day, Comer issued another round of subpoenas. This time, he asked a few people with connections to Hunter Biden to testify before the committee. Those letters went out to his business associates, Eric Schwerin and Mervyn Yan, his gallerist, George Berges, and Elizabeth Neftali — an art patron. The lawmaker also wanted an interview with an LLC regarding alleged loans given to the Bidens. Comer said the Oversight Committee was “leaving no stone unturned.”

The group’s chair, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), said in a statement that the committee is taking steps to hold the US leader “accountable” for his alleged actions.

Still, it’s unclear if any of the people subpoenaed intend to testify in front of the congressional group. According to the New York Post, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, called the subpoenas “partisan,” calling for the new House speaker to quash the inquiry. She said the “political stunt” was merely distracting the public from the committee’s “glaring failure” to prove its “conspiracies” against the president and his family.

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