House Dems Push Supreme Court Term Limits

House Dems Push Supreme Court Term Limits

Supreme Court TERM LIMIT Update – Democrats Reveal Their Plan

( – Since 1869, the Supreme Court has consisted of nine justices. Many legislators have urged President Joe Biden to expand those numbers. In the interest of balance, a group of House Democrats recently introduced a bill that would impose term limits for those sitting on the highest court in the land instead.

Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) sponsored the Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act to allegedly restore legitimacy to SCOTUS. If passed, each justice would only be active for 18 years, and new court appointments would happen during each president’s first and third years in the White House.

The legislators also accounted for times when justices fall ill or die by incorporating previously active justices back to the court on a rotation schedule from senior or inactive status.

In a statement, Johnson called the Supreme Court “radical,” saying he believes enacting term limits is needed to ensure impartiality.

A poll from the Associated Press shows that 67% of American citizens favor term limits, including 82% of left-leaning voters and 57% of those on the Right. According to the same survey, only 34% think expanding the court is a good idea.

Do you think imposing term limits for SCOTUS justices is better than expanding the court, or is this just an attempt by the left to push back against decisions they don’t agree with?

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