Honduran President May Have Ties to Drug Trafficking Scandal

Honduran President May Have Ties to Drug Trafficking Scandal

(RepublicanPress.org) – There are many reasons for maintaining a strict border policy — keeping undesirables out of the country, protecting American jobs, and blocking the flow of drugs are among the most important. Now, the leader of one of the countries where many of these illegal immigrants come from may himself be connected to illicit activities.

Assistant US Attorney Jacob Gutwillig accused Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez of protecting the country’s drug traffickers as part of an effort to flood the United States with cocaine. According to Gutwillig, an accountant overhead Hernandez telling a drug trafficker they would “shove the drugs… up the noses of the gringos.”

Those allegations emerged during Gutwillig’s opening statement in the trial of accused drug trafficker Geovanny Ramirez in Manhattan’s Federal District Court. Continuing his remarks, Gutwillig said Ramirez’s trafficking operations thrived because he had “the current president of Honduras” on the payroll along with police officials, generals, and politicians.

Hernandez has not been charged with any crime by US prosecutors. However, he is identified as “co-conspirator 4” in several court documents entered into the record in Ramirez’s case. He was also implicated in the trial of his brother, Juan Antonio Hernandez, who was convicted on drug charges in 2019.

US authorities are reportedly investigating Hernandez. We will keep you updated as new information emerges in this case.

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