Homing Pigeons Stop Traffic for 3 Hours

Homing Pigeons Stop Traffic for 3 Hours

(RepublicanPress.org) – As 2021 quickly comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on stories that stood out from the rest. One of the strangest tales involved a group of homing pigeons that created dangerous driving conditions on a stretch of Daytona, Florida’s Interstate 95.

On June 29, a little before 11 p.m., the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office started receiving frantic calls about “white doves” blinding drivers near the I-95 International Speedway Boulevard exit. Sensing this situation might run afowl (pun intended) of its routine operations, sheriff’s deputies called in reinforcements from local and state animal rescue agencies.

The Volusia County Animal Services published a press release discussing what happened next.

Deputies and animal services workers quickly arrived on the scene and determined that a crate carrying as many as 100 homing pigeons had fallen off a truck and burst open on the pavement. Pigeons roost during the night, so they stayed on the interstate attempting to catch a few winks. However, the headlights from cars startled the stray birds and caused them to fly into traffic.

As a result, officials shut down the exit ramp for about three hours while sheriff’s deputies, Florida Highway Patrol officers, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission workers, and Volusia Country Animal services workers recovered the pigeons. In all, they managed to round up 73 of the foul-spirits birds.

In July, Volusia County spokesperson Kate Sark told reporters that county officials could not identify the owners of the homing pigeons since none of them were wearing identification bands. According to her, the birds would eventually relocate to nearby Universal Studios to start training for their new career as performers in a flight show hosted by the park.

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