Hiker Found Dead After Trying To Help Girlfriend

Hiker Found Dead After Trying To Help Girlfriend

Man’s Body FOUND – He Tried To Help Someone

(RepublicanPress.org) – California recently experienced record-breaking temperatures. The state’s latest heatwave finally broke over the weekend, but not before a search and rescue team found a hiker’s dead body.

On Thursday, September 8, search and rescue workers found the body of 29-year-old Tim Sgrignoli on a local hiking trail about seven yards from State Highway 101. Raquel Zick, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s spokesperson, posted a tweet Thursday afternoon announcing the discovery. She said officials didn’t suspect any foul play in Sgrignoli’s death. However, she did note that “heat [was] likely a contributing factor,” although no confirmation regarding his cause of death has been announced yet.

The Ventura Country resident disappeared on September 4 after his girlfriend started exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion while the couple was hiking on the Gaviota Hot Springs trail. Sgrignoli reportedly left her in a shaded cave while he looked for water and assistance. Rescue workers located his girlfriend later that day and rescued her. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate him at the time.

The following day, a Santa Barbara Fire Department spokesperson confirmed that they deployed 60 individuals, several canines, utility terrain vehicles, and drones to facilitate the search effort.

Although summer is gradually ending, much of the country still faces record heat waves and drought conditions. The CDC posted useful information for keeping safe and cool in hot weather and tips for avoiding heat-related illnesses.

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