Heart Surgery Patient Receives Unbelievable Gift

Heart Surgery Patient Receives Unbelievable Gift

(RepublicanPress.org) – It’s all too easy to look back on the events of 2021 with sadness, considering the rise of a new administration, the continued increase of COVID-19 infections, and the pandemic’s accompanying economic backlash. However, the year did have some heartwarming stories, like a recent news item about a heart patient’s unbelievable gift from a friend.

Attleborough, Massachusetts resident Alexander W. McLeish underwent open-heart surgery in November. A sympathetic friend sent him a get-well card containing three state lottery scratch tickets. McLeish told reporters he had a good feeling about one of the cards immediately.

According to McLeish, the card contained “heart” as one of the scratch ticket’s puzzle words. Additionally, when he started scratching off letters, the first three that appeared were his initials — A, W, and M.

As it turned out, McLeish was absolutely correct about his hunch, and a few days later, the Massachusetts State Lottery formally declared him a $1-million prize winner in the “$5,000,000 100X Cashword” scratch-off lottery ticket game. Lottery officials captioned the November 26 notice, “HEART-felt Win.”

Coincidentally, McLeish previously cashed in a $1,000 ticket he received from the same friend. McLeish opted to receive a one-time cash payout, meaning he received $650,000 before Uncle Sam claimed his cut of the winnings.

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