Group of Teens Arrested in Alleged Sword and Knife Killing

Group of Teens Arrested in Alleged Sword and Knife Killing

( – Three teenagers face first-degree murder, criminal conspiracy, and evidence tampering charges for the gruesome murder of a classmate in Miramar, Florida. According to court records, the suspects, 17-year-old Andre Clemens, his girlfriend, Christie Parisienne (17), and Jasylyn Smith (16), conspired to carry out the murder several days in advance.

On October 17, Clemens allegedly used Smith to lure 18-year-old Dwight Grant out of his apartment. Once the victim left his apartment and entered the building’s stairwell, Clemens and Parisienne attacked him, forcing him to the ground. Parisienne reportedly held him down while Clemens stabbed him in the throat using a knife.

Grant reportedly pleaded for the teens to “end it,” and Clemens plunged a sword into his chest, killing him, according to affidavits. Two of the teenagers tossed Grant’s body over the stairwell railing while the third cleaned up the scene of the crime with cleaning supplies she reportedly brought with her. The affidavits also stated Clemens targeted Grant for having relations with his ex-girlfriend.

After reviewing the evidence in the case, prosecutors decided to charge all three as adults. State Attorney Harold Pryor issued a statement explaining that were he to charge the teens as juveniles, they could only serve a maximum of 36 months in a residential treatment facility.

Grant’s family members, friends, and other community members held a vigil for him on October 26.

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