Governor Pushing Mail-in Voting Despite Opposition

Governor Pushing Mail-in Voting Despite Opposition

( – Kathleen Hochul (D) became the first woman to take New York’s governor position on August 24, replacing the disgraced Andrew Cuomo as the state’s chief executive. She vowed to restore New Yorkers’ trust in government during a speech delivered after she took the oath of office. However, her recent push for permanent statewide mail-in voting reportedly contradicts public opinion.

On December 16, Gov. Hochul told reporters she planned to make voting by mail an administration priority in 2022. She claimed New York created too many obstacles to voting in the past. Continuing, Hochul said all residents should have the ability to take advantage of mail-in voting and planned to come up with an ambitious plan to make it happen.

Hochul appears to have forgotten or dismissed the fact that New Yorkers voted down a bill intended to make mail-in voting permanent in the Empire State on November 2. The measure failed by a margin of more than 5%, with 55.03% of the voters saying “no” and slightly less than 45% saying “yes.”

Prominent New York Republicans have also spoken out against the governor’s plan, like Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt (R). He recently told reporters politicians should pay attention when the voters speak. New York Republican Chair Nick Langworthy echoed that sentiment, adding that Hochul appears to care more about clinging to power than she does in maintaining honest elections.

What about you? Do you support permanent voting by mail?

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