Governor Announces Ban on Plastic Bottles for State Agencies

Governor Issues Ban on Plastic Bottles for State Agencies

( – In December 2022, the Recycle Track Systems (RTS) waste management company reported that the oceans have about 75 to 199 million tons of plastic trash. According to its latest data, over 30 billion pounds of the substance enters the watery environment every year — and that figure doesn’t include other bodies of water. Single-use plastics have faced intense scrutiny because manufacturers make those products to be used only one time before going to the landfill. Recently, Massachusetts said it has had enough.

On September 18, the Boston Herald reported that Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey addressed the problem while speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative. The Democratic politician vowed to “sign an executive order” banning state agencies from buying single-use bottles in her state — effective immediately. Healey is the first state leader to make such a step. She said “plastic waste” threatens the “oceans, our climate, and environmental justice.” The governor said it’s the government’s responsibility to put the country on a “better path.”

Healy didn’t stop there. The state leader promised to sign a second executive order to guide the Massachusetts government to devise a plan to conserve the state’s biodiversity. She said the mandate would direct them to decide on goals to reach by 2030, 2040, and 2050 and outline how they plan to get there.

Although the Massachusetts governor is the first to take a stand against single-use bottles, other states have already banned or restricted single-use plastics — like bags. Those with laws on the books include California, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Washington DC, and Massachusetts itself.

The Commonwealth’s law already calls for the state to reach net zero by 2050. This initiative will help them move toward that goal. It’s unclear if other states will follow the governor’s lead. According to CBS News, over 20 towns in the Bay State have already restricted the sale of single-use plastic bottles so far.

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