GOP Members Turn On Tuberville Over Military Holds

GOP Members Turn On Tuberville Over Military Holds

( – For several months, Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville (AL) has single-handedly been blocking Congress’s ability to fast-track military nominations and promotions for the United States armed services. His reasoning hinges on women’s rights. The lawmaker doesn’t believe the Pentagon should allow women in the military to seek reproductive care — including abortions — outside of their assigned states. The practice surfaced when the issue of abortion fell to the individual states, leaving some military members in areas that might not align with their views and needs. Many GOP members, however, seem to have grown less sympathetic to his protest.

On November 1, The Wall Street Journal reported that Republican senators are out of patience, with many slamming the Alabama senator for preventing those who protect the United States from advancing in their careers. Not only that, but many believe Tuberville is negatively affecting the military’s readiness and humiliating the United States on a world stage. A group of GOP senators — many with military backgrounds — brought dozens of promotions to the Senate floor for a voice vote. Tuberville blocked each name, infuriating his colleagues.

Former Marine Corp Reserve Colonel and Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) was one trying to push through the promotions one by one. Sullivan said the US needs its “best players” and “most combat-capable leaders” in position. That isn’t happening at the moment because of Tuberville. The Alaska senator has been trying to work with the hold-out behind the scenes — to no avail. Sullivan said the Alabama lawmaker’s actions were “100% wrong,” noting the “world is a dangerous place” and the US needs to be ready. Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Todd Young (R-IN), and Mitt Romney (R-UT) joined Sullivan in his efforts — several attacking Tuberville on the Senate floor. Still, the senator wouldn’t budge.

Senate Democrats wrote a resolution to bypass Tuberville’s blockade, holding back nearly 400 military members. The maneuver would change the confirmation process temporarily and would require 60 votes to pass. It’s unclear if any Republicans will help shore up the military.

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