GOP Members Push for Child Tax Credit Expansion

GOP Child Tax Credit Proposal Includes Unborn Children

( – The Child Tax Credit (CTC) benefits parents on their annual tax return. Taxpayers with qualified children under 17 years old enjoy a credit on their federal taxes, reducing their overall obligation. In 2022, that amount was $2,000 per child. Over nearly a year, at least two Republicans have wanted to extend that benefit to include fetuses still in the womb.

On July 24, Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA) announced she was introducing the Providing for Life Act in the Lower Chamber, a similar version of Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) proposal in the Senate. The bill suggests expanding the Child Tax Credit to fetuses who are subsequently born alive. The credit would be retroactive after their birth. Hinson and Rubio propose a bump in the CTC up to $3,500 for children six to 17 years old and $4,500 for children under six and fetuses not yet born.

The two bills have eight other parts that fall under their umbrella, including paid parental leave by pulling from one’s own social security, child support reform, expanding WIC, and changing the Adoption Tax Credit to make it fully refundable. Hinson’s initiative also claims to have portions that will empower women and build a supportive community for mothers and families.

This isn’t the first time Hinson and Rubio have tried to float this legislation. Hinson first announced the package in September 2022, and Rubio introduced it to the Senate in the same month. He re-introduced the bill in January of this year, but there has been no movement on the measure so far.

Democrats in Congress previously showed interest in expanding the CTC and raising the dollar amounts for parents. But it’s unclear whether the Left will hop on board and support a bill that retroactively gives parents a credit for their born child from when they were a fetus. That said, congressional Democrats have not commented publicly about this legislation.

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