GOP Lawmakers Reportedly Develop Plan to Back Law Enforcement

GOP Lawmakers Develop Plan to Back Law Enforcement

Police To FINALLY Get What They Deserve? Lawmakers Unveil Their Plan

( – A recent Fox News exclusive reports that leading Republicans are proposing a “future-forward plan” that aims to increase support for law enforcement if the GOP retakes Congress in November. The effort, first spearheaded by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Representative John Katko (R-NY) last year, seeks to address several vital priorities.

The initiative starts with measures to boost officer employment. Recruitment numbers reportedly continue to drop after a sluggish few years, and retirement numbers are on the rise. That shift leaves departments and agencies all across the country not only short-staffed, but in some cases all but devoid of front liners.

McCarthy and Katko also hope to address ongoing problems with violence against police in the line of duty. The FBI shared statistics with the BBC back in April revealing the number of police officers murdered in the US has skyrocketed by a shocking 59%.

Katko, who spoke with Fox News about the long-term plan, also indicated the GOP will immediately take action against excessively progressive prosecutors and attorneys who are “soft on crime” and help fuel hatred against law enforcement if they retake Congress. He called the disrespect towards officers “terrible and targeted,” suggesting the entire industry remains in an ill state.

The final element in the plan is additional funding and resources for agencies. Cutbacks and defunding initiatives throughout the country hindered departments in some regions, while COVID-19-related budget struggles decimated available funds in others.

A number of individuals and major organizations are already stepping up to show their support for the new agenda. Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) Director Laura Cooper shared her gratitude during a conversation with Fox News Digital, praising everyone involved. Katko even expects a large number of Democrats to side with the GOP on this issue at the end of the day.

What do you think of Republican efforts to restore police funding?

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