GOP Candidate Says Security Detail Was Assaulted

GOP Candidate Says Security Detail Was Assaulted

( – Tensions are flaring in California as the recall election for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom rapidly approaches. Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder is favored to replace the governor should Californians vote to remove him from office. Shockingly, the Republican encountered an angry mob while he toured a Los Angeles homeless encampment.

Video of the September 8 incident shows a group of people hurling small objects resembling eggs at Elder, his staff, and security. A woman wearing a gorilla mask with electric pink hair appeared to be leading the mob. Elder retweeted a recording of the incident, claiming that an assailant shot one of his security members with a pellet gun.

The clip also shows a minor skirmish between several civilians and the candidate’s security team.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva posted a mock Q&A about the incident on his Twitter account. He asked whether the incident constituted a hate crime given that Elder is a black man and the woman in the gorilla mask is white. He responded that it didn’t matter because “woke privilege” allows incidents like that to happen.

Perhaps, Elder can address mounting violence in the streets of Los Angeles if he unseats Gov. Newsom.

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