GOP Candidate CONTROVERSY – Explosive Claims!

Herschel Walker Drama Heats Up After Explosive Claims

Herschel Walker Hit With Shocking Allegations

( – Georgia’s Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker found himself submerged in drama this week after several explosive claims about his past surfaced. While fighting off accusations that he’d denied his own children and paid for an abortion, his son, Christian Walker, took to social media to make matters worse.

The young man didn’t just criticize his father — he laid into him with an all-out assault on his character. With allegations and attacks coming from nearly every direction, the former football star could spend the rest of the campaign season embroiled in controversy.

The Allegations

The Daily Beast recently published multiple bombshell stories about Walker. The first, which was published back in June, brought attention to three children from three ex-girlfriends, none of whom were disclosed to the public. Walker released a statement to news outlets denying he neglected three children or somehow forgot them. At the time, he said it was “outrageous” to assume he was keeping his kids a secret just because he wasn’t discussing them with the media.

The second story, published on October 3, involved an anonymous source and an accusation that the self-proclaimed pro-lifer once paid for a girlfriend’s abortion. Walker then released a statement vehemently denying the allegations against him as political tradecraft, saying The Daily Beast was using its anonymous source to “slander” him. He also vowed to sue the news outlet.

Threats from Walker didn’t deter The Daily Beast, however. The outlet published another story on October 5. The new story added to the claims of the anonymous source, who said her relationship continued for some time after the alleged abortion. She also reportedly claimed to be the mother of one of Walker’s kids.

His Son’s Statements

Walker’s son, Christian, didn’t help matters for Walker. After the candidate first denied the abortion claims, his son, a Conservative with a very close political ideology to the former star, admonished him for what he calls lies.

The younger Walker took to social media on October 4 to let the world know exactly how he feels about his father and the senate run he says the family begged him to abandon. According to him, those close to the hopeful senator told him his past would come back to haunt him.

That didn’t stop the Senate candidate. In an interview with Brian Kilmeade, the Republican refused to respond to anything his son had to say other than to reiterate that he’s
always loved him unconditionally.”

As it stands, Walker trails his opponent, incumbent Senator Ralph Warnock (D-GA), by nearly four points with just over a month to go until midterms.

Do you think the allegations against Walker will impact his chances in the election?

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