Google Bars Donald Trump’s Truth Social from Play Store

Google Bars Donald Trump's Truth Social from Play Store

Donald Trump’s Platform BLOCKED – Censorship Agenda Behind It?

( – Google has been accused by Republicans of exhibiting questionable behavior over the years regarding its approach to moderating political content, particularly when it originates from conservative sources. For instance, it removed Parler from its app store after giving it only 24 hours to create new procedures addressing threats of violence and other unlawful behaviors on its platform in mid-January 2021. Now, the Big Tech company is holding up approval for former President Donald Trump’s new social media app, Truth Social (TS).

Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and TS CEO recently told Real America’s Voice that although the platform’s app was already available for pre-order, it was still awaiting formal approval from Google for placement in its Play Store.

However, a Google spokesperson contradicted that statement, telling Axios the app’s approval was up to TS. Reportedly, it reached out to platform officials, advising them of violations regarding its content moderation practices. “Moderating user-generated content is a condition… to go live on Google Play,” Google’s rep explained.

Former President Donald Trump created Truth Social after Google and other Big Tech companies de-platformed him shortly after the Capitol Hill riot in January 2021. The site promotes itself as a responsible social media platform, encouraging “open, free, and honest” interaction. However, Google’s decision to bar approval for now of its app means roughly 44% of smartphone users using Android devices can’t download it, Axios reported.

Do you think Google’s concerns are legitimate?

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