Georgia Woman Dies After Tragic Accident

Georgia Woman Dies After Tragic Accident

( – Originally founded in 1958 in Houston, Texas, Club Car moved its headquarters to Augusta, Georgia, in 1962. The company initially focused on designing and building world-renowned golf carts before expanding into commercial utility vehicles and personal-use transportation. While Club Car touts itself as one of America’s Safest Companies, accidents can still happen at the plant.

On March 8, 21-year-old Alyssa Drinkard was working at one of the company’s factories in Evans when tragedy struck. After dropping her Air Pod under a conveyor belt while on the job, she tried to retrieve the item but was caught in the machinery.

Eyewitness Fae’Zsha Smith said her coworker got caught in the chain, and she couldn’t get her out, so she called for help. The maintenance crew shut off the machine and had to cut her out of the metal frame before “pulling her out.” She reportedly had a pulse at the time, and emergency personnel had her transported to Doctor’s Hospital for treatment. She didn’t survive.

Club Car released a statement to WRDW conveying their “sincere condolences” to Drinkard’s family and everyone else “impacted by [the] loss.” The company said it was cooperating with authorities and others to determine exactly what happened and “what led to the incident.” The local coroner already conducted a preliminary examination on Drinkard but is still working to determine the cause of death. Club Car reportedly lowered its flag to half-staff in honor of the young woman.

Smith described the scene as bloody, stating she doesn’t know if she will be able to return to work after witnessing the horrific event. She also said she was worried about her own safety in the factory. Regarding Drinkard, the employee had nothing but good things to say, stating she was well-liked, “sweet,” and always happy.

Drinkard’s grieving family hasn’t released a public statement about their loved one.

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