Georgia To Let Parents Claim Unborn Babies as Dependents

Georgia To Let Parents Claim Unborn Babies as Dependents

New CHILD Rule – Massive Tax Deduction!

( – On July 20, a Georgia court allowed an abortion ban to go into effect, essentially outlawing the procedure for most pregnant women once a doctor can hear a heartbeat. A little more than a week later, on August 1, the state’s Department of Revenue announced that those residents can now also claim an exemption on their state taxes for that unborn child. The addendum was added as part of the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act previously passed in the Peach State.

The move seems to bolster the argument that life begins at conception and brings tax laws for Georgia more in line with its stance on abortion. At least one member of the community, college law professor Anthony Michael Kreis, expressed concern that the ruling would cost the treasury dearly. He said the state will be “handing out a lot of cash” to pregnant women when many of those fetuses will not survive.

The guidance doesn’t mention what will happen to the $3,000 the women saved in those cases. The department did include a provision saying that those who make the claim on their state taxes will have to provide proof of a heartbeat, if asked.

The law does not affect federal filings with the IRS.

What do you think of the new code for pregnant Georgians?

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