George W. Bush Launches Attack Against Donald Trump

George W. Bush Launches Attack Against Donald Trump

( – Traditionally, former presidents refrain from speaking out against their successors. Former President George W. Bush didn’t speak out against his replacements for well over a decade. That is, until now.

Bush is making the rounds on networks promoting his new book “Out of Many, One.” He spoke with CBS new anchor Norah O’Donnell in an interview that aired on April 18. During that interview, he implied there was a clear difference between him and former President Donald Trump.

Bush told O’Donnell his time as president humbled him. According to him, humility shows an “understanding of self” and is “necessary” to serve as an effective leader. “And we were short of humility,” he added.

Attempting to clarify his statement, O’Donnell asked, “In the last four years?” Bush responded, “Yeah, absolutely.”

It’s a small jab, yet it stands out because he never spoke out against former President Barack Obama or Joe Biden since he assumed office earlier this year.

It’s worth mentioning that Bush’s legacy included his botched response to Hurricane Katrina, one of the nation’s worst financial crises, and the invasion of Iraq on a quest for non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

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