George Santos Says He’s Bringing in More Now Than He Did in Congress

George Santos Says He's Bringing in More Now Than He Did in Congress

( – Members of Congress tried to expel former Representative George Santos (R-NY) from his seat twice before finally succeeding on their third try. With a vote of 311 to 114, the former NY representative became the sixth person in United States history to lose his House seat in that manner. But Santos seems to have already moved on to another career.

On December 10, CBS News reported that Santos turned to Cameo to make personalized videos for money. He recently appeared on “The Point with Marcia Kramer” for an interview where he claimed he was on track to make more money in a week on Cameo than he “would’ve made in an entire year in Congress.” Legislators in the House make $174,000 a year, so that’s a rather large chunk of change for the ex-representative. He reportedly charges $500 per video.

Cameo is an online service where people can hire celebrities to make personalized greetings and messages. Users can use them for special occasions, holidays, or anything in between. According to Business Insider, celebrities and influencers charge anywhere between one dollar and $15,000 per video. Considering that, Santos is charging on the lower end — for now.

Santos said during the interview that getting expelled from Congress was tough, but he was glad to have the support of his family and friends to get him through that uncomfortable situation. He also said he was grateful for his staff members, who mostly stuck with him til the very end. Santos said he also appreciated those who chose to leave, saying he understood that it all got to be too much.

Santos told Kramer that he’s writing a book about his experience, he’s doing Cameo, and he’s got a few other employment options in the works in “policy and advocacy.” Santos said, “Believe it or not…people really like my record.”

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