George Santos Called On To Resign Amid Scandal

George Santos Called On To Resign - But He Refuses

( – During the midterm election cycle in November 2022, George Santos beat his Democratic opponent, Robert Zimmerman, for a seat in the lower chamber. The freshman Republican congressman won by a margin of 7.6% in New York’s 3rd District. Since then, he’s been under a cloud of controversy because many of his claims about his past have turned out to be false. As each fib is revealed, more and more people are calling for the new legislator to step down from his position.

The Accusations

During his campaign, Santos reportedly mentioned several times how he was proud to be a Jew. He even went so far as to tell the American public that his grandparents had fled from the Nazis during World War II. Both of those claims seem to be untrue. According to Forward, the congressman’s lineage shows his grandparents were actually from Brazil. Santos told the New York Post that he “never claimed to be Jewish.” He said that while he is Catholic, one of his grandparents have Judaism in their background. “I said I was ‘Jew-ish,’” the congressman told reporters.

On his resume, the New York lawmaker stated he attended Baruch College and New York University, but later admitted those were lies, saying he simply embellished his educational background. He also claimed he worked for Citi Group and Goldman Sachs, but the financial institutions had no record of his employment. Santos later admitted that wasn’t true, either.

One shocking lie was that his mother died during the events of 9/11, but she actually passed away years later in 2016. These fabrications and others, coupled with questions regarding his finances, prompted many, including people from his own party, to call for his resignation.

Ousted Congressman?

On January 10, two Democratic legislators from New York hand-delivered a copy of a complaint filed with the House Ethics to the representative. They claim his failure to disclose details about his finances broke his ethical oath of office and want his actions investigated.

The next day, Fox News reported members of the Nassau County GOP made a statement about the situation with Santos. Chairman Joe Cairo said his campaign was full of lies and he wasn’t “welcome” at the region’s Republican headquarters. The leaders asked the new legislator to step down. According to the outlet, The New York State Conservative Party also supported the idea of Santos stepping away. However, Santos maintained despite increasing calls that he would “not resign.”

When asked on January 12 if he would step down, Yahoo News reported Santos responded that he would only do so if “142 people ask” him to. The congressman later said he meant 142,000, as that was about how many voters ushered him into office.

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