FTC Files Revised Complaint Against Facebook Over Antitrust Case

FTC Files Revised Complaint Against Facebook Over Antitrust Case

(RepublicanPress.org) – The United States District Court for the District of Columbia recently dismissed a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit against Facebook. Remaining undeterred, the FTC renewed its efforts to put a halt to the big tech giant’s alleged plot to destroy its competition.

On June 28, the court dismissed an earlier lawsuit the FTC filed against Facebook. The court cited a lack of evidence as to the reason for the dismissal, along with an inadequate explanation by the agency for its claim Facebook controlled more than 60% of the social media market. However, the court granted the FTC’s request for an extension to refile its claim, and on August 19, that’s exactly what happened.


Significantly longer than the original, the amended complaint spans 80 pages and offers an exhaustive explanation of Facebook’s alleged flagrant violation of US antitrust laws. For instance, the complaint details a “bait and switch” scheme used to lure application developers to its platform. Once developers were snared, the social media company would reportedly force them to agree to overly restrictive terms and conditions if it deemed their apps a threat to its own dominance of the platform.

The amended complaint asks the court to break up Facebook by forcing the company to sell its cross-platform messaging system WhatsApp and its photo-sharing social media service Instagram.

Will this new complaint lead to any progress for those trying to hold big tech companies accountable?

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