Frequent Fox News Guest Scott Adams Says His Home Has Been Threatened (REPORT)

Frequent Fox News Guest Scott Adams Says His Home Has Been Threatened (REPORT)

( – Best known for his syndicated comic strip, Dilbert, Scott Adams was one of Donald Trump’s earliest supporters and one of the first public figures to predict a victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in 2016. That choice seems to be causing issues in his personal life.

It appears that Adam’s unbridled support for President Trump caught the attention of some unsavory characters. On November 2, he posted a lengthy clip to his Periscope and YouTube pages discussing recent events surrounding the 2020 presidential campaign, including a current threat he received.

According to Adams, his house received an “election day” threat, an “online indication” of some possible trouble at his home. Appearing unconcerned, he advised the individual to “rethink” the notion, calling it “really bad, bad idea.”

While one might typically dismiss online threats, the country appears braced for potential unrest in the wake of the November 3 presidential election. The situation has gotten to the point where federal officials decided to erect “non-scalable” fencing around the White House on the eve of the election.

With any luck, locking down the White House won’t be necessary. However, with American cities ravaged by recent rioting and violence, it’s wise to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

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