Fox News Host Visits Border to See Horrible Situation

Fox News Host Visits Border to See Horrible Situation

( – President Joe Biden took the political equivalent of a wrecking ball to former President Donald Trump’s border security measures. Since then, an unprecedented crisis has arisen on the border, and Biden appears unwilling or unable to address the mounting problem.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo traveled to the nation’s southern border to see for herself what’s happening. She reported on the “harrowing sights” she encountered in a segment that aired on April 28.

She talked about discovering a group of Guatemalan women wandering around. She also covered some details about how drug cartels and human traffickers are flooding the border with migrants.

As Bartiromo explained, drug cartels charge as much as $10,000 to smuggle migrants across the border. When she came across a group of migrants and asked them about it, they were too “afraid to discuss who they [came] with” since they were told to remain silent.

Bartiromo’s coverage of the border crisis serves as a grim reminder of the Biden administration’s failure to address border security. Perhaps it’s time for the president to set his policies aside and turn to other methods of securing the country.

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