Fox News Christmas Tree Reportedly Lit on Fire

Man Arrested After Fox News Christmas Tree Goes up in Flames

( – In the early morning hours of Wednesday, December 8, Fox News’ Christmas tree went up in flames. Fortunately, local police officers identified and arrested the individual responsible for the massive blaze.

Shortly after midnight, Fox News security reached out to authorities when they saw an individual climbing up the Christmas tree. The man reportedly lit pieces of paper on fire while he was in the tree and caused it to go up in flames. New York Police Department officers quickly arrived at the scene and captured Craig Tamanaha, a 49-year-old homeless man, as he attempted to flee the crime scene.

Firefighters successfully extinguished the blaze, but not before it destroyed the red, white, and blue “All-American Christmas Tree.” Law enforcement officials hit Tamanaha with multiple charges including but not limited to arson and reckless endangerment.

Thanks to Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lenient approach to bail reform, authorities freed Tamanaha shortly after his Wednesday arraignment, since his charges weren’t eligible for bail consideration under the liberal mayor’s new laws.

Tamanaha said, “I didn’t do it!” to reporters as he departed the courthouse. Reports say he also yelled profanities while addressing to media members and asked for a cigarette.

Fox News replaced the Christmas tree on Thursday.

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