Former Pence National Security Adviser Throws Support Behind Trump

Former Pence National Security Adviser Throws Support Behind Trump

Former Pence Adviser Supports… TRUMP?

( – On July 26, former Vice President Mike Pence recently promoted his “Freedom Agenda” at a conservative youth conference in Washington DC. Later that day, former President Donald Trump gave a fiery speech at a policy summit across town. As both men fueled the flames of speculation regarding their presumed 2024 bids for the presidency, Pence’s former national security adviser threw his support behind Trump.

On the day of the speeches by the former president and vice president, the Washington Examiner published an article detailing their interview with retired Army Lt. Gen. Joseph Keith Kellogg. Understandably, the conversation turned to the topic of Trump and Pence’s dueling efforts to raise support among Conservatives.

Kellogg said that although he remains in contact with his former boss, he’s “always been a Trump guy” and would support his candidacy if the former president decided to run in 2024. He explained that in some cases, you need to “pick the lane” you’re planning to “run with.”

Trump has been dropping hints for months that he might seek the nation’s highest office again, but hasn’t formally announced his campaign. At the same time, Pence has been traveling the country giving speeches and interviews, fueling buzz about a possible run. Like Trump, he hasn’t given a definitive answer regarding 2024.

Who would you pick if you had to choose between Pence and Trump?

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