Former NSA Worker To STAY JAILED – He’s in Trouble!

Former NSA Employee To Stay Imprisoned Amid Trial

Former NSA Employee To Stay Imprisoned Amid Trial

( – At the end of September, the Department of Justice (DOJ) arrested former National Security Agency (NSA) employee Jareh Sebastian Dalke for espionage-related charges. According to DOJ documents, the Colorado man tried to send multiple classified documents to a foreign government. The contact was, in fact, an FBI agent.

On October 11, Dalke pleaded not guilty to the charges, but Magistrate Judge S. Kato Crews ruled he would remain behind bars pending trial. The justice believes the former NSA employee is a flight risk.

Assistant US Attorney Julia Martinez was convinced if the court released Dalke on bond, he would attempt to sell information to procure enough money to escape justice. Judge Crews pointed out how convincing all the badges were that the defendant used to perpetrate the crimes alleged against him. Although his attorneys tried to tell the court their client wouldn’t have the ability to access further classified information, Crews remanded the accused.

Dalke used to serve in the US military. During his alleged interaction with those he thought were foreign agents, he said the US isn’t that great anymore. The defendant also reportedly told an undercover agent he was carrying a large amount of debt, and his selling of the country’s secrets would “help balance [the] scales.” The accused traitor is facing a lengthy sentence and could even receive a death sentence, although that is highly unlikely.

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