Former GOP Leader Discusses Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Former GOP Leader Discusses Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

( – Questions surrounding the origins of the COVID-19 virus continue to frustrate medical experts and world health officials. In early 2020, former President Donald Trump raised the possibility that a lab in Wuhan, China released the virus. Trump critics and members of the mainstream media quickly dismissed that claim. However, those contrary opinions have begun to turn in the wake of recent revelations.

On Sunday, June 6, Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state during the George W Bush administration, admitted that she thinks public health officials made a “mistake” when they dismissed the Wuhan lab theory last year.

Rice also said she thought the media “bears some responsibility” for dismissing the possibility of a laboratory leak in Wuhan. As she explained, the media insisted the source had to be “animal-to-human” transmission of the virus and called any other ideas “conspiracy theories.”

The world may never know the exact origin of the coronavirus. But, it doesn’t help when scientists, partisan pundits, and members of the press dismiss theories before they are adequately explored.

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