Former DHS Leader Drops Border Bombshell

Former DHS Leader Drops Border Bombshell

( – The Biden administration’s approach to the border crisis has ranged from denying the problem to blaming the Trump administration for it. Many Republicans believe President Joe Biden’s reversal of former President Donald Trump’s policies is to blame for the influx of migrants. Recently, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it could have been avoided had the new president just listened.

On March 23, NPR News published an interview with former DHS head Chad Wolf in which he discussed the border crisis. He alleged that he and other officials warned Biden’s transition team that reversing Trump’s immigration policies would create challenges at the US-Mexico border. While he mentioned the number of border crossers may have increased anyway, he also said Biden’s actions made the situation worse.

According to Wolf, he and officials from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) warned Biden’s staff members that any efforts to change Trump’s immigration policies or eliminate border protection programs like the “Remain in Mexico” program could result in a border crisis.

Nevertheless, Biden began reversing Trump’s border security programs his first day in office. Now, the country faces one of its largest border crises in decades, as Wolf recently told Fox News.

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