Former DEA Agent Speaks Out After Getting Fired

Former DEA Agent Speaks Out on Getting Fired

( – Tensions remain high in the wake of the unrest at the nation’s capital on January 6. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies launched one of the largest investigations in American history, according to a recent report by National Public Radio (NPR). Unfortunately, it appears at least one grave mistake may have occurred.

Mark Ibrahim, a former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent, discussed his recent firing from the agency during a March 23 interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

According to Ibrahim, the DEA terminated him for attending the January 6 rally held by then-President Donald Trump and others near the White House. However, he did not step foot on the steps of the US Capitol building. Continuing, he said the “saddest part about this” is the fact he can’t “serve [his] country anymore.”

Ibrahim also told Carlson that he was pursuing legal remedies against the DEA with a law firm’s help. He said that he has taken orders since he was 18, but now it’s time to “fight back.”

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