Former California Governor Fitted with Pacemaker.

( – In 1997, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) underwent heart surgery to replace his aortic valve with a human tissue valve. In 2018, the actor had his second heart surgery to replace some valve tissue, and two years later, he had another procedure to replace his valve from his first surgery. Recently, he made another heart announcement.

On March 25, Schwarzenegger sent out his Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter to his subscribers, giving them an update on his heart health. He revealed that one week ago, he had another surgery on his heart but ensured he was “doing great.” This time, doctors installed a pacemaker that he said made him “a little bit more of a machine” — an obvious nod to his “Terminator” character. The actor explained that it was in his Austrian nature to keep the news to himself, but he ultimately decided to share his story to help others.

Schwarzenegger said he receives countless emails and messages from people who also have a bicuspid aortic valve, thanking him for his previous openness. That encouraged him to tell everyone about his pacemaker. The former governor said he knows his story helps people, so “what choice [did he] have?” He thanked everyone at the Cleveland Clinic for taking such good care of him, noting that his doctors advised a pacemaker because scar tissue from his previous surgeries left him with an irregular heartbeat. The issue was greatly affecting his energy levels.

Luckily, the “Terminator” star has kept on top of his heart issues, an initiative he said nobody will ever hear him complaining about. Schwarzenegger said his mother and grandmother both died of the same affliction he was born with, which prompted him to monitor his health.

Arnold ended that section of his newsletter by encouraging others to take their healthcare seriously, even if they’re afraid. He said, “Together, we can lift anything,” adding his 775,000 subscribers “are never alone here.”

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