Flight Diverted Over Cracked Windshield

Flight Diverted Over Cracked Windshield

(RepublicanPress.org) – In January, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all Boeing 737 Max 9 planes after the plug covering an exit door of an Alaska Airlines flight blew off while in the air. The frightening incident luckily didn’t cause any serious injuries. Now, a different incident has caused a plane to make an emergency landing.

On February 28, NBC Boston reported that a flight traveling from New York to Spain had to land in Boston because of a cracked windshield. Massachusetts State Police revealed that American Airlines Flight 94 left John F. Kennedy International Airport and an Alert 2 came out at 9:46 p.m. regarding the windshield. That delineation indicates “major difficulties.” About a half hour later, the Boeing 777-200 landed at Logan International Airport without issue and the passenger deboarded the plane.

American Airlines told NBC Boston the plane was “out of service” for a “maintenance issue.” The company confirmed that the passengers would be on their way to Madrid the next day on a different plane and “apologize[d] for the inconvenience.” Passenger Nico Moreno said it was “kind of shocking” when it happened. He said everyone was in disbelief at first but then some of them were angry about the ordeal.

According to the New York Post, this wasn’t the only incident involving a cracked windshield. On January 30, a United Airlines flight headed to Dulles International Airport from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas had to land in Denver, Colorado, for the same issue. There were 173 people on board at the time of the incident, but nobody was injured. After landing, the passengers simply boarded another plane and continued their journey to Washington, DC. That aircraft was also from Boeing — its 737-800 jet.

The FAA announced it would investigate the recent Boston issue. Boeing has not issued a formal statement but the company recently made several changes to its leadership team in an attempt to fix the issues plaguing the company.

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