Feminist Author Criticizes Stay-at-Home Motherhood

Feminist Author Criticizes Stay-at-Home Motherhood

(RepublicanPress.org) – Author and self-proclaimed feminist Jill Filipovic recently wrote about her opinion on motherhood and a woman’s choice to stay at home to raise their children instead of staying in the workforce. She claimed there are extreme “negative consequences” for choosing the stay-at-home mom path and said it’s not a good idea to pay them a salary to do so. After posting her opinion on social media and elsewhere, she received a wealth of both positive and negative feedback for her position.

Filipovic’s View and Feedback

The feminist author alleges stay-at-home moms experience psychological and emotional issues in the areas of anger, anxiety, and depression. Her argument was fueled by a piece written by Matt Bruenig in the New York Times. In it, he talked about giving parents the option to stay at home with their children by paying them to do so, thereby lessening the strain on the overwhelmed childcare system.

Filipovic shot back, saying more than likely, the parent would be the mother, and the policy would push women out of the workforce, giving more power to men all over the country. In addition, the author claimed the idea “reinforces” the division of labor by gender, which affects not only the woman in question, but all women. She also argued that paying women to stay home would make men more sexist, as she alleges husbands with wives who stay at home tend to have these views about women.

After posting her argument, she received swift criticism. For instance, one commenter on her Twitter post suggested that she needs to let mothers decide what they want to do, while others asked her for sources to back up her statements. Another user argued that stay-at-home mothers are hard workers and told Filipovic to “stop speaking for a group you know nothing about.” However, Filipovic did have some followers who agreed with her sentiment. One enthusiastic user replied to her thread with, “Yes yes yes to alllll of this.”

Freedom of Choice

The controversial viewpoint is not a first for Filipovic. In 2018, her words encouraged wives to divorce their Republican husbands in response to the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In addition, she called on Democrats to run all minorities on their tickets in 2020.

Regardless of her views on stay-at-home moms and other topics, women in America have the freedom of choice. Do you think it’s fair for Filipovic to make such assumptions about a whole population of people without knowing individual circumstances and family needs?

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