Federal Contractor Accused of Stealing FBI Vehicle

Federal Contractor Accused of Stealing FBI Vehicle

(RepublicanPress.org) – The FBI works with several contracting services that complete various tasks including skills trades professionals, IT and research, and other vendors and suppliers. While anyone working close to the FBI must pass a background check, that doesn’t completely shield the agency from bad actors who take advantage of their position.

On February 7, CBS News reported that a federal contractor allegedly stole an FBI vehicle from the bureau’s headquarters in Washington, DC, and drove it to an FBI facility in Vienna, Virginia, before he was apprehended. Prosecutors claim John Worrell stole the sedan from the garage, as the keys and an agent’s credentials were inside the car.

Worrell reportedly told security in Virginia that he had a “classified meeting” at the facility and showed them an unnamed agent’s credentials. But when he couldn’t produce the proper access cards, they wouldn’t let him in. After he was busted by security, Worrell revealed his real identity, and they called the police.

The Associated Press reported that the contractor was wearing the unnamed agent’s jacket and sunglasses when he was arrested. A search of the sedan revealed a fanny pack with a handgun magazine inside. However, the police didn’t find any weapons.

According to reports, court documents revealed that Worrell believed someone was sending him “coded messages” alerting him that he was in danger. The federal contractor was reportedly trying to get somewhere “safe.” The messages, he claimed, were coming through emails, whisperings, and “context clues” from the last few weeks. Worrell admitted he didn’t have permission to take the vehicle.

Court documents also reportedly revealed why the keys were left in the FBI vehicle. Investigators stated there is limited parking at FBI headquarters, and agents leave the keys inside to make it easier for “authorized personnel” to move vehicles around. As for the agent’s credentials, it’s unclear if leaving those inside the cars is standard practice.

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