FDA Places Hold On Juul E-Cigarette Ban

FDA Places Hold On Juul E-Cigarette Ban

FDA Presses PAUSE on Controversial Ban – Here’s Why

(RepublicanPress.org) – On June 23, the FDA decided to remove Juul e-cigarettes from the market due to their popularity among teenagers and the lack of data related to health risks to the public. Although the US Court of Appeals in DC quickly blocked the action, the agency itself suspended its own ban on July 5, pending further review of the measure.

If Juul wants to keep offering e-cigarettes to people in the US, the FDA said the company has to prove its product will likely lead adults to quit or reduce their smoking habits and that teens probably won’t become addicted. The smoking-alternative business stated it provided sufficient information to satisfy the government organization.

CBS News reported that Chief Regulatory Officer Joe Murillo said the data given to the federal agency meets the “standard” with regard to public health.

After further consideration, the FDA decided to give Juul another look, stating there were “scientific issues” with the product, and they wanted to look deeper into the data. Even though the agency put a stay on its efforts to pull the e-cigarettes from the shelf, it doesn’t mean a reversal of its position on the matter — yet. However, for the time being, Juul and the FDA have both decided press pause on their legal battle until the latter completes its review.

Do you think e-cigarettes are safe for the public, or do you feel the FDA was warranted in its initial concern?

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