FDA Cannot Force Recall of Contaminated Products

FDA Cannot Force Recall of Contaminated Products

(RepublicanPress.org) – For better or worse, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become a major player in the daily lives of Americans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the agency played a huge role in the national response to the coronavirus, its inability to address some associated problems has some people concerned.

On November 3, reports emerged detailing an independent lab’s discovery of cancer-causing benzene in ordinary everyday products like antiperspirant, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. The lab, Valisure, submitted a petition asking the FDA to take action to prevent the continued use of the dangerous chemical.

The lab submitted the petition not long after the FDA published a notice advising consumers that some hand sanitizer products manufactured by the popular brand Artnaturals contained “unacceptable levels of benzene.” The FDA also reached out to the company to discuss the findings. However, according to a November 10 report by NBC News, officials from the company ignored the FDA’s multiple requests to discuss the contamination.

Then last month, Artnaturals begrudgingly issued a voluntary recall of the affected products with a lot number G20128A. It was voluntary because the FDA doesn’t have the authority to force companies to issue recalls on over-the-counter products. That means that even when dangerous cancer-causing chemicals are in products, the government doesn’t have any power to truly protect the American people by forcing those products off of store shelves.

According to Valisure CEO David Light, scientists have known about benzene’s “toxicity… for over 120 years.” He stated that benzene is a group one carcinogen that’s directly linked to leukemia and is at the top of the list of chemicals the FDA says to avoid when manufacturing products.

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