FBI Plans Long-Term Investigation Into Capitol Unrest

FBI Plans Long-Term Investigation Into Capitol Unrest

(RepublicanPress.org) – A stunned nation watched as people entered the US Capitol Building on January 6. Members of the House and Senate were rushed to secure facilities for several hours before returning to certify the Electoral College votes. Growing concerns mount throughout the country in the wake of that incident.

Naturally, there are extensive investigations underway into what happened at the Capitol. Steven M. D’Antuono, the FBI’s assistant director for Washington, DC, met with reporters on January 12. He offered the first insight into the bureau’s ongoing investigation.

According to him, over 170 individual cases had been opened already. However, he said the larger Capitol investigation was just getting started and might last for months. He expects several hundred arrests.

D’Antuono went on to detail the scope of the investigation. For instance, he said the FBI had already received more than 100K pieces of digitally recorded evidence related to the incident to review.

Continuing, D’Antuono vowed to bring everyone to justice who committed crimes in the capital that day, adding that the FBI’s memory is “long” and has a “broad reach.” He concluded his remarks before handing the lectern over to the acting US Attorney for Washington with a warning to offenders. He said it didn’t matter if they already left Washington, DC; agents from the FBI’s 56 field offices would come “knocking” on their door.

On Thursday, January 14, FBI Director Christopher Wray echoed the assistant director’s promises, telling those involved in the violence the FBI is coming for them.

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