FBI Director Calls for More Monitoring on Social Media

FBI Director Calls for More Monitoring on Social Media

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have discussed the intelligence community spying on American citizens at length over the last several years. They are specifically concerned about conservatives being targeted by the FBI. Trump’s former advisors Carter Page and Michael Flynn suffered greatly as a result of that kind of surveillance. Now, it looks like the FBI wants even more freedom to spy.

On June 15, FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke to lawmakers on the House Oversight and Reform Committee about the January 6 incident. He said that the agency has “very specific policies” that determine how they are allowed to monitor Americans on social media. He suggested that those policies may need to change. However, he admitted that the FBI does not have the “authority” or the resources to make the changes he feels might be necessary.

Allowing the FBI even more authority to spy on American citizens is not likely something the GOP would agree to. The agency has a long history of abusing the power it already has. The incidents related to the Trump team were just the icing on a very large cake.

Although nobody wants to see another incident as we did on Capitol Hill, giving the FBI more authority to monitor Americans “just in case” could lead to widespread violations of people’s First Amendment rights.

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