FBI Agents Killed in Florida Shooting

FBI Agents Killed In Florida Shooting

(RepublicanPress.org) – Working to serve and protect while wearing a badge comes with its fair share of risks. The police and FBI have a huge responsibility to uphold, and it’s always heartbreaking when someone loses their life in the line of duty.

Most recently, two FBI agents were shot and killed, and three others wounded in Sunrise, Florida, in the early morning hours of Tuesday, February 2. The two who died were identified as Special Agents Laura Schwartzenberger and Daniel Alfin.

The officers were part of a team of law enforcement officials executing a search warrant as part of an investigation into a case involving violent crimes against children.

FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a statement expressing condolences to the families of the slain agents. He also advised that two of the agents required hospital care but are in stable condition. The third agent injured in the incident did not require hospitalization.

Law enforcement officials work hard every day to stop violent crimes and protect the American people, and these agents were no exception. The country mourns with the families of Agents Alfin and Schwartzenberger.

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