Fauci Set To Testify Publicly Since Quietly Retiring

(RepublicanPress.org) – In December 2022, former Chief Medical Advisor to the President, Dr. Anthony Fauci, retired from the National Institute of Health, where he spent over 54 years keeping the world safe. During his farewell service, Dr. Lawrence Tabak said Fauci was a “constant source of knowledge and inspiration,” adding that no one at the NIH could properly express their gratitude for what he has given the world. While he’s been out of the spotlight for months, Fauci will soon return to Congress to testify once again.

On April 24, the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic shared a letter on social media from the group’s Chairman, Brad Wenstrup, to Dr. Fauci. The letter said that the committee sent a letter to him before his retirement to note the doctor’s agreement to testify. According to the letter, the arrangement included “two days of interviews and a public hearing.” Wenstrup invited him to appear before the group in Congress on June 3 without specifying the particular topics of interest to the panel.

Fauci already testified before the same committee in January behind closed doors. According to the panel’s members, Fauci said in the meeting that he didn’t personally review grant proposals before signing off on them. The group also claimed Fauci stated the six-feet-apart social distancing idea “sort of just happened.” However, there is no public transcript of that testimony to corroborate those assertions. This testimony will be public, giving Americans the chance to hear Fauci’s words themselves.

Dr. Fauci was instrumental in guiding the United States through the pandemic. Former NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins said he was by Fauci’s side from the beginning of 2020, describing his colleague as a “man on a mission.” Collins said Fauci “never lost sight of the goal — to save people.” Still, the good doctor attracted a lot of criticism during that time, testifying before Congress multiple times about the US response to the pandemic and other related matters.

The doctor did not publicly respond to the testimony request.

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