Father Shoots Man Creeping Outside Daughter’s Window

Father Shoots Man Creeping Outside Daughter's Window

(RepublicanPress.org) – The mainstream media is filled with articles explaining why the nation needs more so-called “reasonable gun restrictions,” as if the country doesn’t already have an overabundance that aren’t being enforced already. Every now and then, news outlets report on a story explaining the importance of having a firearm.

On June 27, a Harris County, Texas father shot and killed a man he claimed was touching himself while peeping into his young daughter’s bedroom.

Harris County sheriff’s deputies reported the man and his wife heard their 10-year-old daughter repeatedly screaming in the middle of the night. When the couple confronted the obviously intoxicated man, he apologized and ran away. They followed the man across the street to a gas station and attempted to detain the suspect. Both the man and woman are licensed handgun carriers, according to sheriff’s office officials.

The suspect managed to wrestle the gun away from the woman and pointed it at her in a menacing fashion. Afraid the suspect would shoot his wife, the man aimed his handgun and shot the suspect four times. He is in critical but stable condition. There’s no word on whether he will face charges.

This shooting incident happened four days after a similar situation happened in Yakima, Washington. In that case, a woman found a man in her daughter’s bedroom, and her boyfriend shot him to death. Authorities quickly identified the suspect as the woman’s next-door neighbor.

One can only imagine what might have happened had the boyfriend not had a gun. The woman had a total of 6 children living with her, ranging in age from 7 to 14.

Both incidents highlight the importance of the Second Amendment. Perhaps those who want to limit gun ownership should take note.

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