Famous Comedian Weighs in on Impact of Cancel Culture

Famous Comedian Weighs in on Impact of Cancel Culture

(RepublicanPress.org) – Comedian and actor David Spade has enjoyed a noteworthy career as a Saturday Night Live alumni, Hollywood actor, and stand-up comedian. Nowadays, he’s speaking out about the impact of cancel culture on the comedy business.

Spade recently sat down for an interview with entertainment news reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister to discuss his recent guest appearance on ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” The journalist asked about his take on working as a comedian in the age of cancel culture.

According to Spade, things are very “dicey… very tricky” in America’s politically correct environment. Comedians used to go as far as they could to get a reaction from audiences. The more they pushed, the more the audience liked it.

The audience would go, “I like this guy,” Spade explained. “He’s pushing it.” Comedians had to work particularly hard in comedy clubs to push the envelope to get a laugh. Now if a stand-up says one wrong thing, they run the risk of offending some outsider. The next thing you know, the comedian faces backlash and loses the career they worked so hard to build.

Spade said he hoped audiences would allow comics to continue to perform their art without fear of cancel culture.

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