Family United Decades After Holocaust

Family United Decades After Holocaust

( – The world continues to recover and heal, decades after Allied Forces liberated Europe and freed the prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps. In an incredibly heartbreaking moment, the daughter of a baby girl taken from her mother during the Holocaust recently reunited with members of her long-lost biological family.

Dora Rapaport gave birth to her first daughter, Eva, in a German concentration camp. A few months later, Nazi officials separated them. Armed with a single photograph of herself and Eva, Dora spent decades looking for her beloved daughter.

Rapaport passed away in 1998 and her other two daughters, Dena Morris and Jean Gearhart, took over the quest. They, too, spent years looking for their long-lost sister.

In 2020, they took a DNA test, and to their amazement, genealogy platform MyHeritage advised them it found a match. As it turned out, they had a niece, Clare Reay, living in England. NBC News Today Show arranged a video conference between the three women in June 2020, and they spent the next few months chatting with each other.

On November 13, 2021, Reay made a surprise visit to Ohio to meet Morris and Gearhart. She later described the reunion as one of the highlights of her life. Sadly, Eva never got the chance to meet her two younger sisters. She passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2014.

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