Family Massacre as Father Shoots Wife and 3 Sons in Murder-Suicide

( – The Gun Violence Archive keeps a running tally of gun-related incidents in America. So far this year, there have been 124 mass shootings, 10 mass murders, 5,087 homicides, and over 9,100 injuries — all from firearms. A recent gun violence incident took place in a quiet Oklahoma City suburb, wiping out nearly an entire family.

On the night of April 21, police reported that 42-year-old Jonathon Candy grabbed a gun, shooting his wife and three of their children, leaving their 10-year-old to discover the carnage in the morning.

The child called 911 after finding his family murdered. Sergeant Gary Knight said Candy armed himself following the argument with his spouse and shot her multiple times. The suspect then went on a hunt around the house, looking for their children to kill them. After Candy was done, he shot and killed himself.

The victims were all found in different rooms of the house — two upstairs and two downstairs. One of the kids was even shot in his own bed. Knight called it a “massacre.” It’s unclear why Candy spared the 10-year-old boy or what motivated him to murder his wife and three other sons — 18-year-old Dylan, 14-year-old Ethan, and 12-year-old Lucas.

The family’s neighbor, Michael Burcham, told a local news outlet that Candy said he was struggling with depression. He said the people in the neighborhood couldn’t believe what happened, stating the suspect “must have really been having a hard time.” Knight said there were no previous calls for domestic violence at the residence or police calls of any sort, making the extreme violence all the more perplexing.

Knight said the 10-year-old boy slept through the incident. His door was closed, and there was a fan running in his room, muffling the sound. Relatives are now taking care of him. Members of the community expressed shock and grief after learning of the tragedy. One good friend of the family’s said “Nobody expected it.”

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