Families Invest in Private Security As City Crime Surges

Families Invest in Private Security As City Crime Surges

(RepublicanPress.org) – American cities have experienced a marked increase in crime in recent months. The situation is reportedly so severe in Democratic-led San Francisco, some citizens have resorted to alternative methods to ensure their safety and the security of their property.

On Monday, October 25, media outlets reported that more than 150 San Francisco families recently hired private security companies to patrol their neighborhoods. Katie Lyons told local reporters of her concerns, saying she “[didn’t] feel safe” in the community.

Lyons explained that her home has an alarm system and security cameras scattered about her property. However, her family wanted the “extra security” of having private patrol officers keep a close watchful eye over the area.

A quick look at the San Francisco Police Department’s Crime Dashboard confirmed the validity of Lyons’ concerns and those of her fellow community members. Looking at year-on-year crime rates, the dashboard showed increases in 2021 of:

  • 4.8% for homicides
  • 8.0 % for assaults
  • 19.0% for human trafficking
  • 10.3% for arson; and
  • 11.1% for larceny and theft.

Overall, crime increased 6.4% so far in 2021 as of October 24.

Figures for the last couple of months paint an even grimmer picture. While the number of homicides between August and October 24 of 2021 remained the same from last year, human trafficking increased 100%, larceny and theft shot up by 49.4%, and arson spiked 17.8% for an overall increase in crime in San Francisco of 25.1%.

Sadly, not everyone can afford to pay for private security. For those families, they are left living in unsafe conditions with little help from the liberal city government.  What about you? Are you experiencing increased crime in your neighborhood? Have you considered hiring a private security company?

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