Facebook Oversight Board Reaches Decision on Trump Ban

Facebook Oversight Board Reaches Decision on Trump Ban

(RepublicanPress.org) – Facebook announced its decision to create an Oversight Board to review cases involving policy enforcement in late 2018. Earlier this year, the company submitted its decision to indefinitely suspend former President Donald Trump’s account to the board. However, the board decided to throw a wrench into the dispute.

On May 5, instead of issuing a final ruling, the Board announced that it would punt the case back to Facebook, giving it a six-month deadline to reach a final decision on Trump’s case.

The board did uphold Facebook’s finding that Trump committed “serious violations” of company policy. However, it also ruled that Facebook violated its own policies by placing an “indefinite” suspension on Trump’s account because they aren’t mentioned anywhere in the platform’s content policies. Additionally, the Board handed down a harsh rebuke of Facebook’s decision to refer the case to it for review, accusing the tech company of seeking to “avoid its responsibilities.”

“The Board [therefore] declines Facebook’s request,” the Oversight Board wrote, “and insists Facebook apply… a defined penalty.”

Facebook has until November to hand down a final decision regarding Trump’s account. In the meantime, Trump supporters can visit his new “communications” website, which hosts press releases, statements, and videos. Users can “like” posts and the site and share them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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