Facebook Bans Anti-Biden Ad Ahead of Election

Facebook Bans Anti-Biden Ad Ahead of Election

(RepublicanPress.org) – Facebook continues spiraling out of control in the absence of adequate government intervention. The company stands accused of silencing the voices of black activists in the wake of its decision to remove an ad published by American Principles Project PAC on October 24.

The group posted the ad you see below calling out Joe Biden for his support for the Crime Act of 1994, an oppressive bill that led to the incarceration of scores of blacks. The ad also stated that Biden “supports the Black Lives Matter [BLM] organization,” a group that wants to prevent black fathers from “raising their children.”

Fact-checking site Lead Stories attempted to justify the ad’s deletion, claiming there was no evidence supporting the claims BLM advocated keeping black fathers from raising their children and that Biden “endorsed” the group.

However, the ad never stated Biden endorsed BLM, and the group did post information on its website speaking out against the traditional “nuclear family structure.”

Fortunately, President Donald Trump is calling for accountability for big tech companies like Facebook, issuing an executive order earlier this year to close a loophole shielding them from legal action.

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